Awhile back, we came across a Honda XR600R in pristine condition just sitting in a friend’s garage. Under 3000 miles, barely broken in. It’s rare to find a 600 in great shape because people beat the hell out of them, which is exactly what they were made for.

I bought it with the intention of fully customizing it. I wanted it to be a cool street tracker that could bop around in town or jump off-road and tear ass down the first trail I came to. That’s why we named it The Hooligan because it’s a “run from the cops” kind of bike — a little hellion that can get you out of or into trouble.

Last Christmas, we were trying to figure out a great way for thanking everyone for their support over this first year we’ve been in business. So why not give away a bike? We’ve always got a few builds going on, (our 1934 Harley flathead, for example) but this was our first completed Devolve custom and we were super proud of it.

We could have grabbed any old enduro off Craigslist, fixed it up to run properly, and just gave it away. But The Hooligan is not just any motorcycle —  it’s a one-off, customized to the nines to be the best bike that it can be. We really took our time with it. Mason’s getting a bike where every little detail was meticulously pored over.

“Mason” is Mason McCaskill. We randomly picked his name out of over 2,000 entries, and we couldn’t be happier that he’s the Hooligan’s new owner. In Mason’s own words, “I can pretty much sum up my interests and dreams with two words: engines and wheels. I love tinkering, getting to know machines and honing in on what makes them work. My favorite projects are vintage Hondas and Volkswagens. If money grew on trees, I would be the neighbor with a used car lot for a backyard.”

Originally from Columbia, South Carolina, and graduate of Clemson, Mason currently works as a graphic designer at a pharmaceutical company lives here in Raleigh with his wife. He’s also a videographer and takes amazing photos. Check out his Instagram here.
Mason’s been coming into the shop from the beginning, and saying thanks to customers like him is exactly what we wanted to do. “Devolve feels like home,” he said. “The employees are always so down to earth. Devolve came in and did things right. They weren’t just another mediocre storefront that sat on the fence with who they wanted to be. They had a mission, and they crushed it.”

We thought it was only appropriate to have Mason come by and make some picks for our first haul of the year. And since he’s got a new bike, he’s going to need some fresh gear. Here are his picks and some of his thoughts about the gear.

Roland Sands Truman Jacket

“Roland Sands pumps out some top tier riding jackets. I like goods that break in, not down, and you can feel that when you pick up this jacket. I can give this to my grand kids when they’re out riding hover bikes.”

Dark Seas Gold Label Custom Pullover Hoodie
“Dark Seas puts out some mean looking branded goods, and this hits that mark. The two-color raglan look, a hood, and badass graphics? What else could you ask for?”

Abel Brown Casted Gloves

“Call me crazy, but the color way of the black and brown look amazing on this glove. When you put this on, you just feel protected with the extra details Abel Brown put into this model.”

Shwood ‘Canby’ Sunglasses

“I didn’t even know they made titanium and wood sunglasses. These things are light, look great, and a simple necessity for anyone.”

Izola’s ZYX Flask

“Sorry Mom, but I can’t deny this one. A badass flask is just something you need for any circumstance you may find yourself in. And the fact that it’s comes in a low-key black color way is just the cherry on top.”

Sons of Trade Pioneer Pack

“I already own one Sons of Trade bag and the quality is impeccable. I can’t deny myself a good day bag. I would wax this bag, roll that top up, put it on a sissy bar, and hit the road.”

Biltwell Gringo S Series Helmet

“Paying homage to the ticket that won me the bike in the first place was the point here. I bought this helmet for my wife because she recently has joined the bike world and will be taking this helmet on the road with her atop the Hooligan. Doesn’t hurt that it matches the ceramic coating on the tank either!”

Thanks to Mason for coming in and making some great picks. Enjoy the Hooligan, dude! Most of all, thanks to each of you. Without your support, we wouldn’t be who we are, and for that, we’re forever grateful. Let’s have a kick ass 2017, y’all!