We put a lot of thought into the clothing and gear we bring into the shop. We strive to curate stuff made by folks who share our values when it comes to aesthetic, quality and creativity.

That’s why we love it when our customers mix things in ways we never envisioned. Folks who turn things that might not look like they go together into a badass getup. Folks like Brooke Holland.

Brooke’s rural upbringing in Greensboro alongside the family’s horses is an unlikely beginning for a modern day style maven. “My mom was a tomboy, but my great aunt was really into fashion. When I was little, I only wanted to wear shoes that made noise when I walked. Otherwise, I wouldn’t wear them,” Brooke admits with a laugh.

She pays the bills by working at the local Mark Christopher salon managing the brand. But one of Brooke’s real passions is the Instagram consignment store she curates and runs.

“It started because I had a lot of extra stuff I’d been collecting, and I wanted it to have life again instead of just letting it hang on my rack. Styling the clothes became a great creative outlet for me. I’ve actually had some consignors ask for things back after they saw how I styled them because the new look inspired them to wear the shirt or dress again, but in a new way.”

Brooke’s been here in Raleigh for the last eight years and has seen her share of changes. “Raleigh has grown a lot over the last few years, and I do believe that there is a lot of potential here. We have to build and support things that give back to the community. There’s nothing else like Devolve here. When I first heard about it, I wasn’t convinced it would work, but once I came in and saw how it’s grown, I’m convinced it works. It’s built on community, and that’s key.”

We were excited to get Brooke into the shop to see what she would scoop up. She really opened our eyes to how many options there really are here in the shop when it comes to putting a really sweet getup together. Thanks, Brooke!

Brixton Heist Beanie – brown

“This is just a great, warm fit. And the neutral color makes it really easy to pair with a denim jacket or leather coat. I can also see myself wearing this hiking or just walking the streets of Raleigh.”

Henry Wayfarer from Tom Ford sunglasses

“Classic frames that look good on any face shape. I also love the cases that come with them because I am super rough on my glasses. If I don’t have a solid case, they don’t stand a chance.”

Brixton Redford Long Sleeve Henley – white

“This is such a warm and cozy shirt. The causal look goes really well with any pant, and it’s perfect for layering under a sweater or vest. I used to wear a top like this when I’d go snowboarding. It’s thin enough to wear under a jacket, but the quality of the top helps hold in heat. I hate being cold, so this top is a must for me in the winter.”

Ugly Bros Motor Pool Riding Pants – stained olive

“These pants were the very first thing that caught my eye at Devolve. I love the fit and attention to detail at front pockets and at the knee. Well made and easy to dress up or down.”

Pendleton Carson Wool Shirt – navy

“I love the simple, classic design and the fact that it’s oversized makes it a perfect dress. Also super easy to layer over clothing, but light enough to wear under a leather jacket. I could also use this as an accessory – tied around my waist or wrapped around my shoulders. I also like the idea of just buttoning the very top button and letting the rest open up, maybe paired with a black dress and black boots.”

Deus Ex Machina Elias Bomber Jacket

“This is simple, minimal and bomber jackets are very on trend right now. It fits perfectly and seems like it would last a really long time. I would probably wear this every day during winter.”

Roland Sands Quinn Jacket

“I love the detail in this jacket. It’s something that would always be in style because you can dress up or down with it. The zippers at the sleeve are my favorite part.”

We’d like to thank Brooke for coming by and playing dress-up! Follow her personal Instagram account here.